A resident of the Blocaus events in Paris and a great collector of vinyl, Anetha is a young artist who has quickly become a prominent figure in the techno scene. The Parisian based DJ & producer has been gaining quite a name for herself over the last year. She has played at well known venues like London’s Corsica Studios, Concrete in Paris, 2.35:1 Berns in Stockholm and ://about blank in Berlin.
Oscillating between acid lines, hypnotic patterns and strong grooves, Anetha knows how to take control of the dance floor. Her sets are precise, energetic and always contains some 90’s old school tracks.
Production-wise, she released her first EP on Spencer Parker’s label Work Them Records last September and she will release her second EP at the end of 2015.

Anetha performed in the Netherlands for the first time at Fade Blank on the 19th of December 2015.

Exal, DJ, Blocaus, Paris