Anja Zaube’s DJ-bio starts in the year 2000, when she began playing Psytrance but quickly turned towards playing more and more techno. After her first appearance in the left-winged underground scene of Berlin under the alias „Nanday“, she took a short break and had a come-back to the turntables in 2008 with her new name “Anja Zaube”. That’s when she started playing in clubs such as Golden Gate and

Cassiopeia. Nowadays you can she her perform in club ://about blank.
After playing different genres of Electronic Dance Music, Anja‘s sound turned darker and harder. Her interpretation of Techno is deep, bleak, but also industrial and experimental. That‘s what makes her sound unique and because of this she had several bookings in Berghain already. At the moment Anja is a popular DJ in the Berlin Underground Techno Scene.

After her first release in 2014 on the ://about blank 001 EP, a sampler in celebration of the club‘s jubilee, she also released her first own EP on the label HET, named Sylvan Structes EP. Anja started her own label in January 2016 ans she planning to release a lot more soon.

Anja Zaube performed in the Netherlands for the first time at Fade Blank on the 4th of February 2017.

Anja Zaube

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More of Anja Zaube: