Submerged in both DJing and producing, the natural born techno musician Fabrizio Lapiana always looks forward with his record label ‘Attic Music’. His DJ career started back in 1994, mainly inspired by the early 90’s sound from Detroit as well as by the first European pioneers in electronic music.

In his DJ sets, Fabrizio creates a precise and intimate vibe that seduces the dance floor. His mixes contain new and old vinyls, his scope goes from deep intricate techno to an acid and groovy darkness with some melodic gems along the way. His residency at Alchemy club in Rome is his way to maintain the right vibration of the last years. The energy that evolves from Fabrizio’s sets makes life worth living.
With his label, founded in Rome in 2008, Fabrizio matures his sound by combining deep aesthetics and techno grooves often allowing ambient or industrial elements.

Fabrizio Lapiana performed in the Netherlands for the first time at Fade Blank on the 7th of February 2015.

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