Jon Hester got his start in the midwest US, living in Chicago, Minneapolis, and connecting with Detroit. His intuition as a DJ taps his experience as a classically-trained musician and self-taught dancer. After years on the dance floor, he took to the decks in 1999, going on to work in a record shop, manage his own events, and hold residencies that developed his sound. Based in Berlin since 2010, he put out well-received cuts on his EDEC label and the New York/Berlin based L.A.G. imprint. He continues to stay active as a dancer in clubs, studios, and music videos.
Drawing inspiration from both sides of the decks, his DJ sets are built on physical rhythms and adventurous programming, effortlessly combining diverse varieties of techno and house. With an engaging presence and a knack for telling a story, he builds a unique connection with each audience, and works any room until it sweats.

Jon Hester performed in the Netherlands for the first time at Fade Blank on the 11th of June 2016.

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Jon Hester, DJ, EDEC