Born in Turin in 1988, Stenny developed an interest for sounds early in his youth. Affected by photography, literature and art, he spent his life to discover the concealed world behind music production.
Basicly rooted into techno, new wave and electronics, he always researched his compositive aesthetic within different shapes and metrics, trying to instill ambivalent feelings into the listeners. Distorted and rough melodic soudscapes, billowing over raw drums, synthetic sounds and field recordings, are the core of his music.
Passionate about different genres, he builds his dj sets with a mixture off well-blended pieces of techno, broken beats, analog rawness and spaced out electronics. A similar aesthetic sense is reflected in his live sets, for which he uses hardware synthesizers and computers.

Stenny performed in the Netherlands for the first time at Fade Blank on the 19th of September 2015.

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