Pigeonholing Amsterdam-based Viktor Palmer in a musical category seems to be difficult. Whether it’s in his club sets, playing rattling analogue rhythm tracks, old school electro and not your average techno – or a more experimental set in ‘that other room’ – combining krautrock, soundtracks and quasi-music – you will hear a sound undeniably his. Although he doesn’t play one genre, he does play one thing: his own musical gut feeling.

After plunging through piles of records working at one of the most notorious record stores in Amsterdam, Distortion, Palmer’s sound slowly got noticed. Nowadays he is a resident of the Amsterdam-based label and party organization LET and played Tresor in Berlin, Voltt Festival, numerous gigs in Trouw and had his own night in the late Studio 80, Okinawa. He hosts both his own show and LET Light Radio at that whorehouse-turned-radioshack in Amsterdam and is a regular at Intergalactic FM’s SEER Radio and Hologram at Panama Racing Club.

Nowadays he sandwiches his time between cratedigging, preparing his sets at home, playing shows in the weekend and making his own music. The latter is done with exact the same recipe as his track selection: by following his musical gut feeling. With a release lined up for the end of this year on a well-known Amsterdam label, Palmer is ready for the next step in his career.

Viktor Palmer performed at Fade Blank for the first time on the 19th of March 2016.

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