Volte-Face has emerged as a key figure in London’s adventurous electronic music scene, initially promoting some of the capital’s most vital nights under his BleeD banner, and more recently as a producer, and running the label of the same name.
Identifying as a DJ first and foremost, he takes a patient and measured approach in the booth, allying diverse and imaginative influences to a deep and heady techno pulse. He has remixed or been remixed by DJ Spider, DJ Nobu, Svreca, Peder

Mannerfelt, Iori and Phil Moffa and, aside from his solo BleeD releases and as one half of Rote (with Daniel Avery) has also made a recent appearance on Semantica’s esteemed Nonnative series.

Volte-Face performed with Blind Observatory for the first time in the Netherlands, at Fade Blank on the 4th of February 2016.

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