If I remember correctly my brother gave me this album for my birthday back then when it was new. So this really was a gate opener for me and might have brought me into electronic music to begin with. The title track of “Hawaii Blue” still can be found in almost every set I play nowadays and “1969” is an equally timeless and beautiful track.

This must have been the time I started DJing and there was a lot of good stuff coming out on Cologne-based labels back then. It aged surprisingly well and I keep coming back to it and take it with me whenever I have the chance to play the last set of a night

One of my favourite Vince Watson tracks. I rediscovered it lately. I bought it when it came out in 2004 but must have lost it some years after so I never really had the chance to play it and totally forgot about it until it recently popped back into my head. Note to myself: I totally have to get that record again!