CLASSIC with capital letters. 22 years on and this track still sounds visionary and traditional at the same time. Claude Young is one of the most versatile producers of this genre. It took me longer than I expected to finally get my copy but now I’m proud to say it’s part of my collection.”

“Years ago I used to listen to a lot of IDM and experimental stuff. Records from Warp, Skam and Rephlex have played a thousand times on my headphones. Maybe the most important one is “Incunabula” from Manchester duo, “Autechre”, but I chose this from the collective Gescom, in which they were involved.

The track sounds really emotional and futuristic, gloomy but with a hopeful side. Not so long ago it came back into my playlist and it was a kind of therapy, it helped me a lot in a difficult time.”

“Without any doubt, “Downwards” is the label that’s influenced me most over the years. They’re still releasing mind blowing music, and this track is probably my favourite of the last releases. Clean and melodic but still keeping the strong attitude from the legendary imprint from Birmingham.