Cleo Kerkhof

When I started exploring psychedelics I was seeking for music that guided me through those (mostly) long, intense and pretty unbounded journeys. I found this multi-talented man and I actually thought it was a huge ass band for quite some time. The variety of not only each and every song, but also every song in itself is insane and inexhaustible.
Nitin works with musicians from all over the world and uses a lot of different cultural sounds into his music as well as political statements. The many influences are a palette from which he creates music, both electronic and acoustic. His music actually managed to take me on a journey without the necessity of any psychedelic. It still is a nice combination though (:


This is a track that gets me sucked in every time when i listen to it. The combination of broken beat, hypnotising melody and electro vibes gives me goosebumps. Even when i was at work, selecting this track behind my desk made me forget everything around me.

Nikki Evans

This song has been a favorite since I was a small child. It takes me back to riding in the car with my mom, my favorite book was Where the wild things are, and I thought this song accompanied it. Being so far from home and family, music is something that can make you feel at home at almost an instant no matter where in the world you are, no matter what’s happening, you hear that familiar tune and it’s like a time machine.

Naim Abu

When Fade Blank asked my for one of my favorite tracks I looked no further than S.T. (Vftl Rework) by the great Voices From The Lake. It isn’t a hardcore pumping 138BPM oldskool techno track, but a slow killer with emotion and a soul that embraces you no matter what. A track that brings me to places that I never knew excisted regardless of the situation. Good or bad, this track will always be close to my heart.

Taylor Berkmans

There is simply nothing better than some classic hiphop to listen after a long night of raving.